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willow tree transparentOnce upon a time … What seems like a lifetime ago, I learned by “fire” what it took to reach my goals.   As a thriving sales professional for over twenty five years I  was very fortunate to reap the rewards of my everlasting passion and focus for being my own boss.  I learned very early in my career that success was a product of sometimes long hours and sometimes a few sacrifices.  I also learned that if you wanted an answer you had to ask the question. 

After over two and half decades of working as an independent and on a commissions only basis,  I decided it was time for a change.  I needed a sense of security, so change I did. 

I got lucky – I mean really, really lucky and found a wonderful small company that I will always miss.  As the Marketing Director / Office Manager / Business Manager  and whatever else needed to be done job, I was making a good salary and I loved my job – all was good!  After being there for nearly five years, I was comfortable and “nested” or so I thought.   The company was forced into closing their doors because of the economy.  

There is one thing for sure,  life changes so we all need to be able to adapt to those changes.  That is true in our personal lives and also within our business ventures.  

Moving one foot in front of the other … I took a leap of faith and choose to use my nearly thirty years of sales and marketing experience to work with others.

The beginning of Willow Marketing Solutions Established 2010

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